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This applies to all visitors, customers and Certified (licensed) Dealers… There will be absolutely no standing on the furniture or any other shenanigans tolerated. I believe in the Freedom of Speech and this is why we welcome your comments. However, all comments posted anywhere on the sites owned by LensDoctor, Inc. i.e. lensdoctor.com, edu.lensdoctor.com, lensdoctor.net, or thelensdoctor.com will be posted solely at our discretion. So, any off color comments or any link(s) to other sites, will not be posted. Anyone who fails to follow these simple rules will lose all privileges going forward.


The processes / methods promoted here to restore headlights are protected by U.S Patent #7,404,988. Only by entering into our “Get Certified” License Agreement are you then entitled to any services offered. Certified Dealers agree to Non-Disclosure of any proprietary information, products or methods. This includes, but is not limited to, co-workers, family members or heirs. Certified Dealers may only use the supplies provided by LensDoctor, Inc. or its affiliates to remain Certified and in good standing. Certified Dealers must also adhere to LensDoctor’s high quality standards.


Redistribution of anything found on LensDoctor® owned sites is strictly prohibited and may result in prosecution. LensDoctor, Inc. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Terms of Use are subject to change.


LensDoctor® is not currently sold outside of the United States or it’s territories. Any and all offers made on LensDoctor® owned sites is intended for use in the United States only. Outside use is prohibited. LensDoctor reserves the right to withdraw all offers should it be determined that said offer is being used by competing companies. This type of use is considered Economic Espionage and is protected by the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If violated you may be subject to fines; in the case of individuals, from $500,000 to $5,000,000, and in the case of organizations, from $10,000,000 to “the greater of $10,000,000 or 3 times the value of the stolen trade secret to the organization.”


LensDoctor® will not do business anyone who we consider to be “shady”. By “shady” I mean anyone who accesses the sites owned by LensDoctor, Inc. i.e. lensdoctor.com, edu.lensdoctor.com, lensdoctor.net, or thelensdoctor.com from more than three (3) IP addresses. I consider three (3) IP’s normal because it is conceivable you could have a work IP, a home IP and a mobile IP. Few will have more than this and if you are one of the few, you will need to advise me and get approval before hand.


LensDoctor® provides certain website features and other products and services to you when you visit LensDoctor.com or use LensDoctor® mobile applications, software or services or when you receive or use any of LensDoctor’s printed catalogs or purchase any product from LensDoctor® (each of the foregoing is singly a “Service” and collectively, the “Services”). By purchasing products or using any of the other Services, you agree that you have read,understood and agree to be bound by all of the provisions set forth herein and the terms and conditions on any quotation, order acknowledgment, invoice or other form you receive from LensDoctor®, all of which constitute a single agreement between you and LensDoctor® (collectively, the “Terms and Conditions”). The Terms and Conditions constitute the exclusive agreement between you and LensDoctor® with respect to the Services and the content accessed through the Services ( the “Content”); provided, however, that if you access the Services by a mobile application, that access shall also be subject to the terms of the end user license agreement associated with the mobile application (in the case of the LensDoctor® iPad® app, the Apple® Licensed Application End User License Agreement). To the extent of any conflict between the Terms and Conditions and the end user license agreement for a mobile application, the Terms and Conditions shall govern. Our failure to assert a right or insist upon compliance with any term or condition shall not constitute a waiver of that right or excuse any subsequent noncompliance. If any provision of the Terms and Conditions is deemed unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severed from the remaining terms and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.


The Terms and Conditions are effective as of the version date set forth at the end of the Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time by providing notice to you, and your use after any change signifies your acceptance of the changed terms. That notice may be given by making a revision to the Terms and Conditions and changing the version date shown below.


LensDoctor® grants you a limited, nonexclusive, non-transferable license to access and use the Services and the Content only in accordance with and for the purposes set forth in the Terms and Conditions. You do not have permission to access or use the Services or the Content in any way or for any purpose that involves a violation of the Terms and Conditions. You may only use LensDoctor’s website, mobile applications, other electronic media authorized by LensDoctor® and LensDoctor’s printed catalogs to access the Content of LensDoctor®. LensDoctor® retains the right to terminate your limited use license at will, at any time.


The Services and the Content are only for your use in deciding whether to purchase products from us and in purchasing products from us. All title, ownership and other rights in and to the Services and Content are owned, or licensed from a third party, by LensDoctor®. Any unauthorized use, change of information or interference with the availability of or access to or proper working of any part of the Services or the Content or security measures is prohibited.


Unless expressly permitted by us, any downloading, copying, mirroring, archiving, intercepting or redirecting of the Content is prohibited. Even if permitted by us, downloading CAD models, software or any other information does not give you title or any other rights thereto. Redistribution, making a derivative work from and any other commercial exploitation of any of the Content or Services are prohibited. Using scripts, bots, spiders, other indexing agents or any other device to copy any of the Content is prohibited. The use of any technology or other means to hide your identity when using the Services is also prohibited. You agree you will impose only that load on LensDoctor’s servers that is necessary for your use in deciding whether to purchase products from us and in purchasing products from us.
effective date 09/02/2002 revised 11/01/2017

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