The LensDoctor® Story is Bright


The LensDoctor Story began in 2002…

by Terry Kuta

The LensDoctor Story began in 2002 when I started LensDoctor®. I was at one of those crossroads in life and was forced to make a change. I finally had to “Go For It” and when I did, something happened. I can’t explain it but things started falling into place. I’m not really a religious person but I have to say, this was divine intervention.

Today the LensDoctor story is that I think I’m getting too old to be “The Guy” but I can’t retire just yet (I’m not that old). I see so many opportunities out there it’s really hard to let it go, especially since there are so many people still under-employed or unemployed. I’ve spent years restoring headlights the right way and I have done quite well. I’ve seen all there is to see and consistently saved 10’s of thousands of damaged headlights. With all that I’ve learned, I’m certain I can set up others with everything they need to reproduce the same “like new” results as me. I can even mentor those who have never run a business before to get them started on the right track.

Whether you want to make a stand alone business or you need to supplement your existing one, you really should look at what I’m offering. Restoring headlights is a niche business, having the right tools and know-how is important if you want to be successful. I developed and patented the process that LensDoctor® is based on and I don’t think you will find anyone with more hands-on experience than me. Who better to learn from than LensDoctor®?

Chapter 2 of The LensDoctor Story starts out as a proven franchise like business without all the crazy franchise fees and spreads across the country creating successful entrepreneurs out of people just like you. Join in before this opportunity goes away! You will be kicking yourself for letting this one get away!

This is an opportunity that seldom comes around… my friends tell me I should be asking a lot for it, personally I’m sick of the greed I see around me and would much rather help people make a better life, that’s why I’m offering FREE Training. If I can help others, my reward will come in the end. Isn’t it time for you to “Go For It” and be in the next chapter of the LensDoctor Story?

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The word on the street…

Terry, Just a quick note to say how well pleased I am with the job you did. I had the lens done before with a local guy who was doing it in his spare time and it looked good for awhile. I never envisoned it to look like they do when you were done. There was difference as in night and day between the two jobs!! It looked like I had actually replaced the entire head light assembly!!   Thanks Again for a great Job.

There is no bigger bang for our buck when it comes to reconditioning [our used car inventory]

I just bought a used Toyota Sequoia and the headlights, fog lights, 3rd brake light and side running lights all were very foggy and and yellow looking. It really made the car look old and ugly. LensDoctor made them look like new again for so much less then replacement would’ve cost. I also can’t believe how much brighter they are now too. I’m so happy! 5 stars for LensDoctor!

LensDoctor is the Best!

LensDoctor is very high quality work! My 2000 Toyota Tacoma has new lenses!
At night I could not see the lights out of my head lamps, after the job, huge difference! And of course just by looking at the lenses it was clear as day. I sell new and used cars and after the quality work that he does, I can’t tell between a used car lenses verses new. It’s well worth the investment. Thank you LensDoctor I can see again!

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