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Clean headlights – What we do best

and we have been doing headlight restoration exclusively for years. Today you can find “how to” articles on basic headlight cleaning everywhere and some of them, but not all, are from good sources. There is, of course, those who would have you believe that using toothpaste is a good solution (LOL). I suppose if your goal is to make them minty fresh… but my goal was to create a business that could not only clean headlights but repair all types of damage, not how to fix minor problems on one car. In the process of looking for what works best, I discovered that many things will make them look better but few will make them look new and even fewer last more than a couple weeks. To clean headlights you can use rubbing compounds, toothpaste, bug sprays, brake fluid, harsh cleaners and wipe-on products but none of these satisfied me for many reasons because most, if not all chemicals with the exception of toothpaste*, are down right dangerous to use. Here are my objections to using chemicals…

  • I couldn’t imagine using these things daily, I value my health
  • Usually the damage was more than they could handle
  • Results were poor
  • Results didn’t last
  • They created additional damage

* Although toothpaste does make them smell minty fresh

You see I haven’t been restoring headlights just for myself so doing it right has always been important to me. I’ve worked for major car dealers like AutoNation and Penske creating more profits for their used car and service departments. Major insurance companies like State Farm, Farmers, Allstate and Geico have recommended me to body shops saving them money on replacement costs as well as earning extra profits for the body shop owners. Independent repair shops unlock hidden profits and individuals are amazed so much by the lasting beauty that they become a customer for life. My success is entirely due to the high quality, lasting results I achieve using my method not to mention, the additional profits my customers earn for making the call to LensDoctor®.

Hack jobs might make you some money for the short term but if you want to create a business or offer your customers something they will be happy with for years, then boy do I have something for you.

Give me a call today, I have everything you will need all in one place… I promise you won’t find a higher quality more cost effective headlight restoration method anywhere!

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