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Big Dreams – Is the American Dream Dead?

Linkedin® Pulse® article by Terry Kuta

What entrepreneur hasn’t had big dreams of making it big by creating a product or service that everyone just had to have? I know I have. I’m a bit of a dreamer I guess. At least, that’s what my 5th grade teacher used to tell me. I think she meant that in a bad way though. She didn’t realize that big dreams are where everything started. Without big dreams there would be no car, no smart phones… you name it! Without big dreams we would be living in the stone age.

Anyhow, since the early ‘70’s, I’ve seen some crazy stuff come along. And every one of them from Pet Rocks to the Internet, at first, was just a dream in someone’s head. Just look at all the things we need today that we never knew we needed before. I think dreaming is not just a good thing but also the beginning of all things.

So what if there was a proven franchise like business without all the crazy franchise fees? LensDoctor’s headlight restoration service is just that!

No, I haven’t lost my mind and it’s not just a big dream either. It’s just that I believe there are way too many folks struggling to get ahead today with no clear way to get it done and the thought of giving fast food workers $15 per hour is just crazy talk. The fact is, high pay / low skill jobs are gone. We still need them, but they aren’t coming back. The big drag on our economy today has been the lack of wage growth and I believe I have a good solution with LensDoctor® and my patented headlight restoration process.

Here’s what I can offer,

  • Free online training. This cost me very little to set up, so why should I charge you for it. If you need one-on-one training, I will charge enough to cover my expenses, but that’s all I need. I plan for the one-on-one training to be an income opportunity for you once you feel comfortable with the process.
  • Free Support. I don’t see this as an expense, if there are no barriers for you to learn the process; it’s actually an investment in our success.
  • Free Referrals. This is a feature of the LensDoctor® website… a Google® map that will aid customers in finding you by typing in their zip code. As long as you are one of my dealers in good standing, you will show up in their search.
  • Tools and Supplies. All in one place and priced right. I’m not making anything on the tools but I’m hooking you up with the ones who have the best prices and they are shipped to you direct. Your supplies will be the only profit item for me. In other words, I will make a couple bucks on each car you do, period. The better you do, the better I do.
  • The Catch. You must complete your training and purchase your tools and supplies from me. Then just provide the same quality service that LensDoctor® customers have come to know. It’s easier than you think to do it right and I’ll show you how.

LensDoctor® Certified Dealers will get protection from copycats with my patented headlight restoration process and there are other perks too. The name LensDoctor® is catchy, familiar and it’s a registered trademark. Try this, don’t elaborate but just ask 100 people if they have ever heard of LensDoctor® and I’ll bet 75% say they have. The website, is clean and simple, not a long string of words no one will remember. Customers can then use it to find you simply by typing in their zip code.

I’m not promising you riches or guaranteeing anything except for a chance to do what I’ve been doing for the past 14 years. I will provide you with everything you will need to start your own headlight restoration business or as an add-on to your existing car dealership / repair shop all in one place. If you work full time at it, you could do better than me and I have done quite well. If you work part time you could supplement your income better than you might imagine, typically $150 for a restoration job and your cost is about $7.00 per car plus your time.

Turn your big dreams into a reality, it just takes a little passion and hard work to become an entrepreneurial success. Every car dealer, repair shop and body shop has a need to be able to offer high quality headlight restorations. You will learn the secrets of my 14 years of real world experience but if you don’t like hearing “You are the best!” please forget you saw this offer.

Big Dreams - Is the American Dream Dead?

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Turn your big dreams into a reality, it just takes a little passion and hard work to become an entrepreneurial success.

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